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The March Mad"mess" of 2010

What can I say about this tournament? WOW! From Ali Farukmanesh to Heywards last second J being too strong, and Duke becoming the National Champs to the dismay of this one UNC fan. Lets try and sort this all out.

 "Heres Farukmanesh for 3, OHHH! What a big time triple" Kevin Harlen

Northern Iowa upsets the outright number 1 Kansas. They are too many upsets for me to name, and I don't got that time and patience to list them all.

Lets flashforward to the final 4.

Butler upsets 2 teams to get here and play at home vs Michigan State. Howard and Mack come up big time, and the Butler Bulldogs are going to the National Championship game 7 miles from where the Hoosier movie was shot.

Duke moves on handily by beating West Virginia.

The Game for the Ages

Butler and Duke are trading shot and fouls. You know its a physical game. You can see the big men are crashing the boards Zoubek and Howard both end up 4 fouls with the game so closely contested. Whats going to happen?

Butler goes on a huge drought not being able to hit a Fg for  over 6 minutes. But they are aggresive and keep hitting 2 free throws. Duke has a 5 point after Kyle Singler's heriocs. But whats this? Butlers coming back, its a 1 point game! Duke misses they are 15 secs left. There are a few stops, and its Butler ball with 3 seconds left. Will this be a buzzer beater win, or the one for the haters?

The shot? Oh its too strong, and the great tournament comes to a great end.
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How John Salmons saved the Bucks

Every remembers whem John Salmons emerged in the Sacremento Kings organization, the town only big enough for 1 star. At the trade deadline, in a surprise move they traded him. Lone and Behold, he bursts on the seen on the Chicago Bulls roster. He helped them reach the seven spot, and they played that epic series with the Boston Celtics. Then comes the next season, with expectations bearing down, he can't deliver. He gets traded to Milwaukee, who were falling fast in the playoff chase. Their lack of a true SG was fixed when Salmons came along. Isn't it funny whenever he gets traded, he lifts up the team?

He may have found a permanent home with Brandon Jennings and other all around him. He went from averaging 12 ppg to 19.9 in Milwaukee. These past few games were what they were when Ron Artest was out of the picture in Sacremento. 

 "John Salmons can be like the flu. Everyone catches it at some point, but it always goes away." Mankeert Dhillon (CanadianWinters)

Heres to hoping that doesn't happen

Feel free to comment and rate. I will have ones on March Maddness, and the Colts coming soon so stayed tuned.  
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Did anyone expect the Coyotes to get this many wins? if you knew your lieing. There are a few reason, and I dont like writing big blogs, so i'm gonna go through this briefly. 

The absence of Wayne Getzky- First of all, Jerry Reinsdorf didn't know anything about Hockey, he lloked at Basketball, and former hcokey players can be coaches. Its different. When Dave Tippet came in, he got the team turned around but the trade deadline would be the equalizer in the standings.

Ilya Bryzgalov- Yes, I spelt that on my own. He has been a candidate for Comeback player of the year in my book. He may be leading in shutouts, and has over 900s save percentage(If you know hockey, you'll understand). His GAA has been matching up nicely with Ryan Miller's, and may be getting a run at the Bill Masterton award for team with lowest GAA. 

Trade Deadline- Getting Woltek Wojski really helped, but getting Lee Stempniak for 2 draft picks from the Maple Leafs was pure brilliance. Stempniak is an all-around player, and he has been scoring more than Gilbert Arenas lately. Getting rid of Peter Mueller will let him develop in a great organization.

Shane Doan- It goes under the radar, but Shane Doan has helped this team not feel pressured whe nthe whole NHL vs Balsille rd. 3 was on. He has been in Pheonix his whole Career, who else did. It finally paid off him. A class guy finally playing for a cup. Hats off. 

The Blackhawks, Sharks, Kings, Red Wings, Avalanche, Canucks, to name a few will have to watch out for this team.

getting 100 pts is legit, this is not a fluke.

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The Perception Of Toronto Sports

Toronto has many sports teams:
Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Raptors
Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto FC, and the list goes on

I know all of these aren't the best, but americans just can't dismiss a team just cause it was from toronto.
I was watching the great game between the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Boston Celtics, and they brought up all the teams in the playoff standings, the only team they didn't say was, Toronto. Charles Barkley thinks the Pistons are better than the Raptors. 
The Raptors have no respect in most minds south of the border. Its not fair, the team is going out all the time to make the playoff and get the respect off all viewers, Unfortuanetly, the Raptors get NO games on primetime basketball. How does make Cheis Bosh feel.

Now lets move on to the Blue Jays. The jays were the toast of the country in the 90`s. It was an amazing spectacle to a blue jays, 50,000+ screaming, it was like a fottball game. They had the utmost respect from everyone in the league, but now. Roy Halladay was the only way that the blue jays would ge ton a highlight. Now its only Aaron Hill, and Adam Lind.

Do I need to talk about the leafs, no! Barely anyone watches hockey.

What im sayin in summary is, the teams in Canada need to be respected and talked about just like every other team in their respective leagues. 

Thank youCool   
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A Breif History of Football

All the time now, the superbowl gets huge ratings, and they call it American football.

If you dont know, the NFL was created around 1912 with the Giants, and Bears, Thats where people think football started. No, it didn't.
The game of football was created in the late 1800's and the first league was the CFL. Started in 1898. American football is a deriative of Canadian football, wit ha few adjustments.

Downs CFL-3 NFL-4  Feild- CFL-110 yards NFL- 100 yards  Endzone CFL- 20 yards NFL- 10 yards
here are so many more differences in the style of play. The CFL is a passing dominated league where Doug Flutie threw over 6000 yards. There are only 2-4 running backs going over 1000 yards. The motion in the CFL is outstanding, if you can watch a few games.

Well, there was your very brief history of football.

Feel free to comment and give suggestions on future entries of my history of sports series
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